Why to Hire a Professional for Tree Removal in Fairfield, Connecticut

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Business & Economics

When a tree has reached the end of what can be done to keep people and property safe around them, there is no option except to have them removed. This is a hard decision for homeowners and arborists alike, because trees make yards look beautiful, provide shade and are a necessity in any healthy environment. Tree Removal In Fairfield Connecticut should only be done by qualified professionals and there are a number of very important reasons why.

To Determine the Need

A surprising amount of help is available that can preserve trees. The average bystander may think that a tree is dead or dying, but in reality it only needs to be trimmed or cared for in some other way. Of course, the reverse can also happen. This is when a tree is damaged, but believed to be strong enough to remain. Again, only a professional tree care expert is capable of making that call.

Prevent Property Damage and Injury

Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut is dangerous, even when the tree seems small. Tree limbs and trunks are heavy and the momentum they build as they drop make them even more dangerous. Only someone skilled at tree removal can be certain of where they will land to prevent damage to nearby homes, vehicles and people.

They Carry Insurance

Homeowners need to protect their own interests. A friend or family member who claims they have experience will probably not have the liability insurance coverage needed if they, or someone else, is harmed. A professional will carry this coverage for their own protection, making the homeowner clear of any responsibility during the removal process.

Complete Clean Up

Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut makes a mess. It is not enough to just cut up the tree to clean the yard. The stump will also need to be removed and the sawdust, twigs and leaves will also need to be raked up and removed. It is an extensive amount of work that most people are not prepared to handle on their own.

Tree removal is sad, but by eliminating a dangerous and dying tree it creates room for a new, healthy specimen to be planted. Whether a homeowner wants to plant another or not, a consultation with a tree removal specialist should always be the first step they take. Click here to learn more about environmentally responsible yard and tree care.

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