Times that Sprinkler Service in Topeka, KS is Needed

Sprinklers help the yard maintain its lush green color. While they can be an automatic operation that needs little attention, the sprinklers are still exposed to all different things that can cause trouble for this system. To keep the system operational, these are the times when service is needed.

If it has been over a year since the sprinkler system has been touched, it is time for Sprinkler Service in Topeka KS. At the very least, yearly maintenance is needed to keep the water flowing. Over time, sprinkler heads can become clogged with dirt and debris. This happens from the course of the mechanical movement that occurs when the system is in operation. The system does need to be cleaned periodically to ensure the proper amount of water is reaching the yard. You can click here to get more information.

Winter can easily damage any type of water pipe. Even if the system is winterized, damage can still occur. Once the spring thaw happens, the sprinkler system should be inspected before the first use. Any pipes that have been damaged will need to be replaced. Broken sprinkler heads will also need to be repaired in anticipation of usage. Winter is a rough time for sprinkler systems since water can remain in the piping and the heads. Once this water freezes, it expands and creates the damage.

If the system is showing signs of issues such as an uneven water flow, coming on at the wrong time, or not watering the full range of the yard, it is time for Sprinkler Service in Topeka KS. Sprinklers can become damaged if vehicles roll over the heads, or there is digging without marking the piping runs. Since this damage can be quite unpredictable, the service will be needed as soon as the damage is uncovered. If there is any question that damage might have occurred, an inspection can be done to ensure that the system is operational before normal operations are restored.

The sprinklers are designed to effectively water a wide area of the yard with a minimal use of water. Keeping the system operational does require that it be regularly serviced. Contact Greentouch Lawn Service, to schedule an appointment for sprinkler maintenance.

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