Why You May Need Facial Implants

You may need chin, jaw, and/or cheek implants if you were recently in an accident that caused damage to your face. Maybe you just want a more youthful look. Facial implants are the answer to problems that injections cannot correct such as getting high, full cheekbones. Facial implants will lift and realign your facial contours. They can make your chin and jaw straight and full, or help you breathe better.

Nasal implants are used to reconstruct the nasal area when you have nasal obstruction from either birth defect, collapse or trauma. Surgical implants will lift and open nasal passages for easy breathing. Mandibular implants correct open bites by moving the jaw into the proper position so your bite is aligned correctly. TMJ pain or chronic jaw pain can be eliminated with these implants. Check with your local plastic surgeon like David K. Hiranaka M.D., D.M.D. to see if you are a candidate for this type of surgery. Your plastic surgeon will consult with your orthodontist to discuss your treatment options. If you have had prior surgery that did not correct the situation, implants could be the answer.

Your plastic surgeon will do a complete evaluation including x-rays to determine your surgical treatment needs. The doctor will evaluate whether this is an elective or medically necessary surgery to alleviate problems. This will determine how much of the surgical costs your insurance will cover. Your recovery time will vary depending on the type of surgical implants you receive and amount of work you have done. You will most likely be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infections upon leaving the hospital. Usually, the stitches are removed within a week or two. You will probably experience some swelling and bruising. Your doctor will release you to return to normal daily routines in about a week or two.

Once your surgery is complete and you are healed, you will have a perfect bite and relief from jaw pain or those high cheekbones you have always wanted. If your surgery was the result of an accident, having your face repaired to its normal beauty will be a relief. Nasal repairs to assist with better breathing is also wonderful. Contact your local plastic surgeon to discuss facial implant options.

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