Why You Should Choose Post Frame Construction

Why You Should Choose Post Frame Construction

Searching for the best construction method can be overwhelming and confusing. If you’re looking for a fast, inexpensive building plan that doesn’t compromise quality, post frame construction is a terrific option. It creates a sturdy, reliable frame for your future building in a short amount of time, but it is built to last.

Post frame construction has its roots in post-and-beam construction. Post-and-beam, in its purest form, is a method of building where wooden vertical posts meet with wooden horizontal beams to create a supportive structure. This method is often used to make barns, garages, and storage sheds. Post frame construction enhances this simple method by utilizing new materials. It can be used to create a variety of structures ranging from garages to cabins and even office buildings.

Post frame construction is cost and time efficient without losing strength and durability. Solid or laminated posts are placed deep in the ground with trusses binding the structure at the top to give the structure greater stability. Fewer building materials means less cash spent and time waiting for the finished product. When constructed by an expert crew, a post frame structure can be erected in as little as a day!

They are also incredibly resilient against the forces of nature. This strength comes from inserting the structural poles deep into the ground. This enables them to better absorb shock and creates a strong foundation. The deeper the poles, the more weight the frame can support. The wood is also heavily treated to give it the best resistance to age and damage. Post frame construction has continued to show time and again its strength and durability over other methods of construction. These are long term structures meant to last for years in all kind of weather.

Quality trusses are an important part of a quality post frame building. Trusses are straight beams connected in a triangle shape to give the building greater stability from the top down. Prefabricated trusses come ready made but can compromise on durability and strength. Larger lumber and strong, bolted trusses built on site will result in a lasting, reliable structure. Town & Country Builders Inc in Spokane Valley WA specialize in bolted trusses and creating superior construction frames and buildings.

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