Windows Installation Preparation Tips

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Home Improvement

If you are getting ready to have a windows installation in your home, then you will want to know the best tips for getting ready for it. Here are some of the best tips for preparing for to have replacement windows put in by a professional contractor:

Windows Installation is Done One at a Time

When getting windows installation, it is usually done one or two windows at time, so there could be holes in your home open to the elements during this timeframe. You need to get used to that for the time that it takes to put in the replacement windows.

Get Area Ready for Windows Installers

When getting ready for windows to be installed, you must remove all window treatments like shades, blinds, or shutters prior to installation. Then, you need to clear the area on the inside of all nearby picture frames, shelves, or breakables. Fine out how much space around the area the installers will need outside too and make sure everyone stays clear of that area.

Keep Children and Pets Away from Area

You also need to make sure that your children and pets stay away from the windows installation area. They could get hurt or your pets could bother or injure the contractors. It may be best to let someone watch the kids or pets during the time the contractors are putting in the windows.

Make a Plan for Old Windows

You also need to find out what to do with your old windows after the window installation is over. You need a place to store them during and after the project is done. Then, decide if you are keeping them, donating them or otherwise disposing of the old windows.

This is a few tips for getting ready for windows installation in your home, and if you live in the Chicago area, call Best Windows at 708-204-2446 to discuss your window replacement needs. You can watch videos on their YouTube channel to know more about their work.

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