Winston Cigarettes: The No Bull, No Messing Around Cigarette of Choice

by | Jan 20, 2015 | Shopping

How One of America’s Top Cigarette Brands Has stayed on Top for so Many Years

Introduced in the early 1950s Winston cigarettes rose to fame as the nation’s first popular filtered cigarette. It went on to become the most popular cigarette brand from 1966 to 1976. Today Winston cigarettes are a top 10 brand that advertises a “no bull” and no fillers version of some of the finest tobacco blends. Winston’s are categorized as a smooth, mild blend, and are offered in both lights and falls or what are known as “reds” because of the red colored pack. Winston has held its own as the brand of choice for many of America’s hard-working men and women plus millions around the world. If you are looking for a smooth American blend tobacco cigarette, Winston is your brand.

The No Bull Marketing Campaign That Gave Youth to Winston Cigarettes

Winston has always marketed itself as a tough, no-nonsense cigarette brand that offers no frills, no additives, just pure American blend tobacco. Whether or not that is really true is another point, but the campaign, since day one, has worked very well. In fact, it has kept Winston in the top 10 of cigarette brands since its inception. A re-introduction of a no-frills campaign in the late 90s and early 2000s, with the slogan “no bull”, has again put Winston at the forefront for a younger generation of smokers who are looking for a little bit more machismo in their cigarette brand. The marketing of Winston now includes stock-car racing, NASCAR racing, memorabilia like T-shirts, hats, toy cars, lighters and just about anything else imaginable. They are now as bad as Coca-Cola when it comes to putting their name on items. And collectors are becoming keener to the resale value of items marked with the Winston brand which means the memorabilia bandwagon is sure to continue.

Did you know that Winston cigarettes are one of the most popular cigarettes in Russia?

The Key to Success at Winston Cigarettes

While you will not see an interview or Q&A with any head of marketing for Winston in this article, it only takes a few minutes and a bit of research to see the key features and winning points of their marketing strategy. Staying on top for so long is no accident. Winston has built an image around a single thing, being a solid-rock brand that people feel like they can rely on. As weird as that sounds, it is true. They have built a brand that shows ruggedness, determination and reliability; even though they are “just” a cigarette company.

Around the world, Winston dominates as one of the most popular cigarette brands, a trend that will probably continue for many more years. After all, they sell a product that people want not only in America, their company’s founding home, but also around the world!

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