Working with Masonry Contractors

A structure held together by mortar is not going to stand forever; even if it lasts for a long time, the bricks and stones will be affected by the elements. Stress and other factors can combine to make a building require repair. For this, you could call in a mason, but more likely, if the job is of sufficient size or of a specific nature you will need a masonry contractor.

Yet, this is not the only reason you would request the help of a masonry contractor. The skills of this individuals are also sought in the construction of new builds or in the reconstruction of older historic structures, because the knowledge and abilities they possess are helpful in ensuring the structure is built correctly.

The Role of a Masonry Contractor

The role of a masonry contractor is complex and directly related to his or her trade. She or he has had over four years of experience in the business, which is how long it takes an apprentice to become a mason. While an apprentice, he or she would have learned the basic of the trades, and by the end of it, the mason will have more than a basic working knowledge of the craft. It will take longer, however, before a mason can take over as lead in a project.

Once he or she has gained the necessary skills and experience, the mason may decide to become his or her own boss. As a masonry contractor, it is possible to establish your own business or work in this capacity for a building contractor and they can:

 * Advise the builder on methods, techniques and materials
 * Handle the various masons hired for small or large contracts
 * Provide the skills, experience and even employees for specialized and no-specialized projects
 * Be able to act as a consultant in a variety of masonry projects, including the restoration of historic buildings or other structures
 * Advise on the laws pertaining to his or her trade
 * Be capable of estimating the amount, cost and type of supplies, equipment and manpower required for specific jobs
 * Explain the various regulations and types of legislation and insurance that applies to the necessary workforce and workplace e.g. workers comp, fire insurance, loss from theft, property damage and damaged or lost materials.

A masonry contractor also plays another role in his or her chosen field, for instance, the contractor helps in the preparation of the next generation of masons. Apprentices who want to go into this trade require the support of not only masonry unions but also of a masonry contractor, which is essential for the survival of the trade and the retaining of its standards. It is only through the strong support of unions and masonry contractors that the industry will continue to grow; the workforce will be suitably trained, and the trade will thrive to address the future needs of those who live and work in stone and brick structures.

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