Your Cracked Tooth Can Be Repaired With Tooth Bonding in Del City OK

Your Cracked Tooth Can Be Repaired With Tooth Bonding in Del City OK

Cracks in the teeth can not only cause pain, they can also cause the smile to look unsightly. It can be especially embarrassing to have a cracked tooth in the front of the smile. When this type of injury occurs, a person can feel embarrassed to smile and will often try to hide their teeth. Thankfully, the dentist uses Tooth Bonding in Del City OK for repairing cracked teeth so they look more beautiful and will be stronger.

Dental bonding is a procedure that uses a tooth-colored resin to repair decay, chips, and cracks. It can also be used to whiten discolored teeth, reshape teeth, and close the gaps between teeth. When the dentist begins the procedure, the patient will not need any anesthesia unless a cavity is being repaired with the bonding material. The dentist will first use a shade selector to help them determine which shade of bonding material to use.

The surface area of the tooth being bonded will first be roughened and then a conditioning liquid will be applied. This is important so full bonding will take place. The resin that is being applied comes in putty form and it is matched to the color of the teeth as closely as possible. The putty is applied to the tooth and molded and smoothed so it will cover the area that needs to be covered.

Once the putty has been applied, the dentist will need to use a special UV light to harden the resin so it permanently bonds with the tooth. This is crucial for the bonding process to be successful. Once the resin material has been hardened, the dentist will go to work on trimming, and further smoothing the material. They will then use a special polisher so the resin shines like a natural tooth would.

If you have a damaged tooth, it is important to see the dentist about Tooth Bonding in Del City OK. Contact Sunnylane Family Dentistry right away and ask them about scheduling a consultation appointment. Call today so you can see the dentist and get started on improving the strength and beauty of your smile.

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