Your Questions Answered About A Dental Crown Procedure In Kona

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Dentist

Dentists may recommend dental crowns for their patients for various reasons. Crowns improve the appearance of a chipped tooth and add strength to a cracked or weakened tooth. Before receiving a Dental Crown in Kona from a qualified dentist, read the information below to learn more about the procedure.

Q.) How does a dentist place a dental crown on a tooth and is the procedure painful?

A.) Before placing the crown on a patient’s tooth, the dentist files down the natural tooth. If necessary, the dentist will add a filler to the tooth to make it more stable to receive the crown. An impression is made of the tooth and the adjacent teeth so the crown can be made to fit perfectly. While the dental lab makes the permanent crown, the dentist places a temporary crown on the prepared tooth. At the next dental visit, the dentist removes the temporary crown and uses an adhesive to secure the newly made permanent crown on the prepared tooth. A dentist will numb the area around the tooth before beginning to prepare the tooth for the crown, so there shouldn’t be any pain for the patient. After the process is finished, the patient may have minor soreness around the tooth for a few days after the procedure.

Q.) Are there different types of dental crowns available for patients?

A.) A Dental Crown in Kona can be made out of various substances including resin, porcelain and ceramic. The Resin is the least expensive type of dental crown that’s available, but this type doesn’t normally last as long as other crown materials because resin wears out faster. Ceramic and porcelain crowns often look more natural than resin crowns because their color is a better match for natural teeth. Dentists often recommend ceramic crowns for the front teeth because of their natural appearance. Patients can speak with their dentist about getting a Dental Crown in Kona and receive a recommendation about the best type of material for their crown.

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