Your Questions Answered About Hot Water Heater Maintenance In Tucson AZ

When a professional technician performs regular maintenance on a water heater, it extends the lifespan of the unit. In addition to increasing the longevity of the water heater, regular maintenance also maximizes its efficiency. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about contacting a professional company for Hot Water Heater Maintenance in Tucson AZ.

Q.) How many years does a water heater usually last and is there a warranty from the manufacturer?

A.) Homeowners who keep up with regular maintenance can expect their water heater to last around 15 years or longer. Water heater manufacturers include warranties on their products, and the warranty begins when the tank is installed in the home. Usually, the warranty covers the tank and the parts of the tank, but the water heater must be properly installed and maintained, or the warranty is voided.

Q.) What type of water heater maintenance is necessary to keep the unit running as efficiently as possible?

A.) To keep the water heater running as smoothly as possible, homeowners should contact a professional technician to flush the tank and inspect the pressure relief valve twice a year. Flushing the water heater removes all the sediment that has built up in the tank. If these particles aren’t periodically cleaned out of the tank, they’ll get into the water lines and cause a clog. The pressure relief valve is a safety device that manufacturers install on every water heater. If the pressure inside the tank gets too high, the relief valve automatically opens up to allow the excess pressure in the tank to escape. If the relief valve isn’t working correctly and the pressure inside the tank gets too high, the water heater could explode. If the relief valve malfunctions after testing it, a technician who specializes in Hot Water Heater Maintenance in Tucson AZ will remove the faulty valve and replace it with a new one.

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