3 Cleaning Supplies in Houston, TX to Always Have on Hand at Work

There are actually thousands of different cleaning products on the market today. While many come in handy when doing a thorough cleaning of the bathroom or showers, are there Cleaning Supplies in Houston TX that could be useful to have on hand at all times? Absolutely. If you are attempting to create a simple cleaning kit for the workplace with just the essentials, here are a few must have items.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Why buy a specific cleaner for each surface of your office? A multi-purpose cleaner can be used at full strength or diluted to clean a variety of different areas. From desktops to break room counters, this cleaner makes it easy to get things back in shape after a spill or accident.

Spray Bottles

Because multi-purpose cleaners often come in a large container, pick up some spray bottles so that you can store the cleaner in various locations around the workplace. Stash a bottle under the break room sink in case someone left their dirty dishes in that sink for a little too long. Keep one under the cabinets in the bathroom in case a situation needs to be addressed quickly. Spray bottles filled with multi-purpose cleaner can also be kept in supply closets so that everyone has access to them when needed.

Paper Towels or Microfiber Cloths

You’ve got a cleaner and you have a way to spray it. Now what? You still need one more of the many Cleaning Supplies in Houston TX to complete the set. Make sure that you have either paper towels or microfiber cloths on hand to wipe down the different workplace surfaces. Both options come with benefits. Paper towels are easy to use and can be tossed in the trash when the work is done. Microfiber cloths are better for the environment and can be reused over and over. On the downside, they do need to be washed in between uses.

It might sound oversimplified, but it is possible to just keep the necessities on hand for emergencies or light cleaning. Even if you have a cleaning service that comes in daily to take care of the bulk of the work in the workplace, Click here to pick up some of your office cleaning essentials including multi-purpose, spray bottles, and paper towels.

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