Add the Protection of Zinc Plating to Components

Add the Protection of Zinc Plating to Components

Reputable metal finishing suppliers of quality electroplating services continue to incorporate technology improvements to create metal finishes that withstand corrosion, are scratch resistant with less invasive toxic chemicals. In particular, zinc plating provides a protective metal coating without depositing excessive thickness on the finished component. Continued progress in safety regulations and compliance has improved the overall health for workers that manufacturer metal plating finishes by reducing the use of toxic chemicals.

Properties and Options
As the name suggests, electroplating uses electrical current to coat a conductive component or part with a thin layer of material in this case, zinc, zinc-iron or zinc nickel. Typically, plating is used to apply a corrosion resistant layer with abrasion and wear resistance and even aesthetic qualities to a metal surface that would otherwise lack these properties. The variety of zinc plating finishes and their properties include:

Zinc Alkaline – provides a clear, fine grained and burn free application without the use of cyanide. It has very high levels of corrosion resistance without the excessive thickness and carries a low current density plating rate. It also has zero-stress deposits which eliminate potential blistering due to the electrolyte.

Zinc Iron – produces highly protective, bright, burn-free deposits that are low stressed and blister free. Three additives are used to maximize flexibility and versatility. As a result, the additives provide deposit brightness, grain refinement, and provide stability while maintaining superb covering power and uniformity of plate distribution. There is also less variation of iron content.

Zinc Nickel – offers exceptionally high performance and corrosion protection even after thermal shock at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Final deposits are uniformly bright and accept trivalent passivates in clear or black. The finish is burn- and blister-free. When bending the component it will not display whiskers. It really has terrific covering power and uniformity of plate distribution. It is an excellent replacement to using cadmium.

A or B?
Choosing a metal plating supplier comes down to price, a full-range of plating services and happy customers. A truly exceptional metal plating supplier will offer special packaging, masking, sorting and inspection, barcode tracking and delivery. Be sure you work with a metal finishing company with experience that carries the necessary certifications and meets safety standards.

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