What To Look For In A Quality E-Learning Developer

What To Look For In A Quality E-Learning Developer

If you own a company or teach children, you may be considering e-learning as an option, because it offers many helpful benefits. Some of those benefits include the ability to create content quickly, use the Internet, and allow everyone easy access. However, a quality developer can be difficult to find, so you’ll want to know what to look for and how to find them.

Creative Ability

The person you choose to create your program should have the capacity to dream up intricate ideas, simply them and fit them to your needs and preferences. It is one thing to create something, but it’s another to create something that matters to you, your students or your employees. While you should have a say in what they do, they should be able to use their unique ideas to create a masterpiece.

Human Habits

The developer you select should understand human habits because humans will be using the finished product. There can be many instances when making things difficult makes sense, such as in games or tests, but if the user interface is too hard to use by ordinary people, they won’t want to do it, and you won’t want to use it.

Technical Abilities

Clearly, the person you decide on should be technically savvy enough to understand how apps work. Otherwise, they won’t be able to create one. It is best to use someone who has a portfolio because they can show you details of previous work, so you know they understand what they’re doing. While that doesn’t mean they have to know every advancement or tool out there, they should have a few they are familiar with and able to use.


It is okay to be sceptical about someone you choose, but you should also trust them enough to do the job correctly the first time round. It may seem like a good idea to micromanage them, meaning standing over them and telling them what to do, but it isn’t. You have other important things to consider, and they should have the creative reign necessary to make something unique and helpful.

Listening Skills

They should be able to listen to what you want or need and reiterate it using different words. This will help them understand what you want and make you feel confident they know what they’re doing.

Knowing what to look for in a quality e-learning developer will help you choose the right company for your needs.

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