3 Considerations to Buying Wifi Nanny Cameras

3 Considerations to Buying Wifi Nanny Cameras

Putting in wifi nanny cameras in your home is a good protective measure. You get remote access to your rooms or the nursery wherever you are. And because you use your web browser to log in, you won’t have to worry about wires giving out their location, says How Stuff Works. So when you put the baby down for the night, or if you have to go to the office, you can still keep an eye on things at home. Not sure how to go about buying one? We list here 3 things you’ll need to consider:

Is it accessible?

Check if you can easily access the camera from your phone or tablet. Does it come with an app you can get access to anytime you need, anywhere you are? It must. If you can’t access your home, then the device simply allows you to see events after they happen instead of seeing them real-time. That’s not going to help you intervene in case something happens.

Is it visible?

You won’t have a problem picking one out with a discreet design. From well-concealed cameras in teddy bears to those on the shelf, there are plenty of options you can go for so no worries. Tip: toys can easily fall over, though. So double-check if the cams are stable or not. If there’s any risk that they’ll fall over, take steps to secure them in place.

Is it blurry?

One problem with many of these cams is that the feeds come with the blurries. The last thing you want is a choppy definition of the feed. You want to make sure you can see your nanny and your child clearly on video. So when you shop around for wifi nanny cameras, take a look at the pixel quality. The higher that is, the better your video resolution will be.

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