Denied! Keep Your Doors Secure

Denied! Keep Your Doors Secure

Whether you are at home or traveling, you need to take your personal safety into account. To deny entry to intruders, it’s as simple as stopping them before they break in. Securing your doors is the first step no matter where you are. Let’s break down a few different varieties of door security devices.

  • Deadbolt security device. It doesn’t take much to buy a “bump key” on the Internet, and this can allow innovators to get around your otherwise secure deadbolt lock. The device is attached to the deadbolt on the interior of the door and prevents the lever from turning.
  • Door jammers. These are bars and doorstop like objects that obstruct the opening of the door. They may come with alarms that will go off at impact, alerting you and even your neighbors to an invasion in progress.
  • Sliding door jammers. These are items that attach to your sliding door that prevent unauthorized opening or entry by lifting the door off the track and removing it entirely. They can also be used in sliding windows.
  • Magnetic alarms. These are door or window alarms that go off when the magnetic seal is broken, raising an alarm and scaring off the intruder.
    Motion alert. These are infrared motion detectors that will go off when someone opens a window or door.

What’s perfect about these methods is that many of them are portable and usable no matter where you are. If you spend an extended amount of time on the road or even just need an added measure of security on your vacation, these door security devices can last long and help keep you safe and sound during your travels. Take a look at your options and decide which will work the best for you while you’re at home or away.

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