Calling A Service for Animal Control in Pasadena

Calling A Service for Animal Control in Pasadena

When a golf course owner discovers there are gophers living on the grounds, there will be a need to contact a service that provides Animal Control in Pasadena immediately. Failure to have gophers relocated can lead to them becoming injured by those playing golf as well as damage to the property. Here are some tips a golf course owner can take to ensure these animals do not return after they have been removed.

Use Sound During Off Hours To Scare Away Stragglers

Gophers do not care for loud sounds and will vacate an area where they feel threatened. Using radios to emit sounds during times that people are not utilizing the courses for their games may be an effective way to get gophers to leave the property altogether. Contain small radios inside plastic bags so they do not get damaged from moisture, and place them inside of holes on the property to scare away any gophers that may still be hiding there.

Place Small Traps In Holes On The Outskirts Of Fairways

Small traps can be placed inside of holes found on the golf course grounds. When gophers go into these traps, they will be contained inside until they can be relocated. It is important that the golf course owner check traps each day to make sure there are no gophers in them. Traps can be purchased from hunting supply stores or an animal control service may be able to rent them.

Enlist Help From Professional Services To Do Continuous Evaluations

It is important to have an animal control service check the golf course each year for signs of gopher invasions. They will know the tell-tale signs of these creatures and will take the appropriate steps in removing them from the property without harming them in any way.

When there is a need to find a service that offers Animal Control in Pasadena, locating one that can come to the property promptly is desired when dealing with a golf course overrun with gophers. Take a look at us to find out more about the services they offer or to make an appointment.

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