3 Mistakes Made by Building Owners During Window Installation and Glass Repair in Downers Grove

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Online Business

Replacing a building’s windows requires a major commitment by the business owner. Not only are new windows a substantial investment, their average life expectancy of 35-50 years means that owners and managers will have to live with their choice for a long time. Good choices reduce maintenance and energy costs, while poor choices are less energy efficient and more expensive to maintain. Choosing the right window for an application requires building owners to understand the facility’s needs and evaluate their choices, but this doesn’t always happen. Instead, the owner makes one of the mistakes below.

Only Considering First Costs

Although installation costs are an important factor, it is more crucial to think of costs over the entire life cycle. These can include expenses for energy, Glass Repair in Downers Grove, cleaning and other things associated with the ownership and operation of the windows. Over the units’ lifespan, these costs can significantly exceed the cost of installation. To choose the most cost-effective windows, building owners should evaluate all costs for each option that’s been deemed suitable for the application.

Replacing With More of the Same

One of the worst mistakes a facility owner can make during window replacement is to replace current windows with those of similar style and type. This strategy makes the process easy, as it takes away the difficulty of the selection process. However, it fails to consider many of the valuable features available in newer windows. The owner loses the chance to make the building more energy efficient, and they may end up with the same window-related problems they had before.

Neglecting Maintenance

Maintenance expenses, such as routine repairs, cleaning and painting, represent a substantial portion of the total cost of ownership. Over the windows’ life, these costs can be two times the cost of installation or even more. When a business owner fails to consider these expenses, they may get an installation that is expensive to maintain. While wooden windows require regular upkeep, vinyl, clad or aluminum windows from a company like Bolingbrook Glass And Mirror do not have these costs.

Facility managers should know that there is no one ideal option for installation and Glass Repair in Downers Grove. What works in one building may not work in another facility. However, if the building owner starts with an understanding of the facility’s needs, he or she can avoid many of the errors made when replacing windows.

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