Four Things to Consider When Choosing Headstones in CT

Four Things to Consider When Choosing Headstones in CT

Choosing a headstone for a loved one can be a heartbreaking task. It is often ideal to have some details set well before their passing even happens. This way, the task does not have to be dealt with during the grieving process. A person can even choose their own headstone details and request them in their will. Headstones in CT have four components to consider.


The most important part to consider is the inscription. This refers to what the headstone will actually say. Most include the name, birth date, and passing date of the person to whom the headstone belongs. This is usually accompanied by a phrase, further details about the person’s life, or nothing else at all. It is best to consider these words carefully, as they are what everyone will see when visiting the grave site.


Once the words are chosen, it is time to consider the font in which those words will be written. Some headstone makers may have only a few select fonts to choose from. It is best to speak with them to determine which options are available.


Some headstones contain special graphics or images. For example, instead of having a simple rectangle that includes the name and dates, an image of a book could include the information instead. Flowers could be etched on the stone as well as any other image that would represent the person’s life or things they loved.


The shape of the headstone is another major consideration. Many are simple rectangles, while others change up the look by having a wave at the top or choosing a different shape entirely. Some come to a point while others are rounded. A heart would even be ideal. Whatever shape is chosen, the graphics and inscription will be placed within it in the proper manner to ensure a beautifully designed headstone.

Headstones in CT should have their details chosen in advance to reduce the amount of stress placed on the grieving family. With this information set, the headstone maker can get to work creating it in a timely manner. It will then be placed on the grave site to honor the family member who passed. click here to learn more about the choices available.

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