With Memorial Services and Cremation Atlantic Highlands Residents Can Honor Their Loved One’s Last Wishes

For those coping with the recent death of a loved one, grief can be overwhelming. In this difficult time, the most important thing is to provide support and healing for the friends and family the deceased has left behind. Those who have left the last will and testament make it just a little bit easier for the executor to navigate the sometimes complicated process of dealing with that person’s physical remains, but the emotional turmoil caused by death is more difficult to assuage. Choosing the right funeral home or funeral service provider will give those left the time to focus on supporting each other through a difficult time instead of having to obsess over each practical detail and will ensure that the memorial service provided truly honors the one who has passed.

One productive way of channeling this grief is to create a funeral service that truly honors and respects the memory of the loved one who has passed. This can be accomplished with comparable ease with traditional burial or the process of cremation Atlantic Highlands residents sometimes specify in their wills. Where the means of burial is not specified, cremation is often still the most appropriate burial method and does not in any way preclude the organizing of a more traditional memorial service.

After the service, the ashes of the deceased will be placed in a beautiful decorative urn and given to the family member to do with as they see fit. Many have a specific place that they have always loved and requested that their ashes be scattered in the ocean, in the mountains, or on a piece of land. Taking a loved one’s remains to their final resting place can provide a valuable part of the healing process and help those left to honor their memories and move on from the pain of loss.

For those who know their loved ones would prefer cremation Atlantic Highlands funeral homes must be chosen carefully to ensure that these wishes can be fulfilled, as not all funeral homes offer cremation services. John P. Condon Funeral Home provides cremation services in conjunction with funeral design and memorial services help to ensure that the family and friends left behind have a way to honor the memory of the deceased and begin to heal from their grief.

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