3 Reason for the Popularity of Solar Panels in Hawaii

Hawaii’s sunny weather makes it the ideal climate for solar energy, but that is only one reason the state’s residents are harnessing the sun’s power. They often work with experts like The Sonshine Solar Corp in order to lower energy bills. Homeowners also choose Solar Panels in Hawaii so they can increase property values while reducing their impact on the environment.

Installation Is Surprisingly Affordable

Residents of the Aloha State qualify for credits and rebates that defray the initial cost of switching to solar energy. Installing Solar Panels in Hawaii entitles homeowners to Federal Tax credits as well as state incentives. In addition, many consider the panels to be secure investments. Solar power not only increases home values but provides a source of energy when electricity is out. Solar products also come with 20 to 25-year warranties and most perform well for much longer than that.

Homeowners Enjoy Ongoing Savings

Hawaiians often go solar because their energy costs are some of the highest in the U.S. That is, primarily, because they rely heavily on imported fossil fuels. It is common for customers to reduce utility costs from the first day they begin using solar power. Many lower bills as much as $100 a month. It has been estimated that an average user saves about $64,000 in 20 years. Although customers commonly finance their installations, lower energy costs can make up for the monthly payments. Once loans are paid, homeowners enjoy huge savings for decades.

Solar Power Is Good for the Earth

A majority of Hawaiians install solar panels in order to reduce their impact on the environment. That is because solar’s clean energy does not produce the carbon dioxide emissions that traditional sources do. In fact, a typical solar-powered system can offset around 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide within 20 years. That is about the equivalent of driving a vehicle 100,000 miles.

Residents of the Aloha State often install solar panels on their homes in order to dramatically reduce energy bills. They also choose solar energy because it is reliable and increases home values. In addition, solar energy is an Eco-friendly choice that helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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