Updating Home Services: Installing a Solar Water Heater in Hawaii

Solar water heaters work through a system known as a heat exchanger. Mounted solar panels containing fluid-filled tubes warm in the sunlight and send the warmed fluid to the water tank. The cooled water in the tube is forced back up to the panel while the warmth from the tubes heats the water in the tank. The process repeats itself continuosly keeping the home supplied with a consistent amount of heated water. Installing a Solar Water Heater in Hawaii is an easy way to introduce the family to solar energy and it offers numerous other benefits.

Reducing Pollution Levels

Using solar energy reduces the amount of fossil fuels that need to be mined or pumped from the earth and the amount that needs to be transported the long distance to Hawaii. Not burning fossil fuels helps to protect the surrounding air and water. This preserves the beauty of the Islands and keeps safe the plants and animals that rely on a clean environment.

Improving Bank Accounts

Lower utility bills provide instant savings that help to pay back the cost of installation. Tax credits, rebates and other programs may help to lower the initial expense even more. A solar water heater also adds value to a home. This is useful if planning to refinance or sell. Home with modern updates like solar power typically sell faster than those without.

Increased Resource Awareness

Using solar power encourages people to pay attention to nature and to learn more about the power they use. Many homeowners with solar services become very familiar with how much water is used in a typical shower or load of laundry and how much electricity is needed to operate a ceiling fan or a TV. This knowledge makes them more cautious of their usage and less apt to waste power and water. It is possible that installing a Solar Water Heater in Hawaii could help children to develop a better understanding of their environmental impact and will teach them ways to conserve without sacrificing comfort.

Taking small steps to convert to solar power is easier for many families than a whole-home conversion. Additionally, the money saved over time will make it affordable to add more panels later on. Click here for more information or to receive an installation estimate.

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