Pets in the House: Why Professional Carpet Cleaning in Colorado Springs Matters

Pets in the House: Why Professional Carpet Cleaning in Colorado Springs Matters

Pet lovers like to ensure their cats and dogs enjoy all the benefits of home. That often means the pets spend more time indoors than outside. While the companionship is great, things can get difficult quickly if the pet begins to take care of business inside instead of in the back yard. That’s where arranging for a professional carpet cleaning in Colorado Springs will make all the difference in the world. Here’s why this works better than other methods of removing stains from the carpet.

Pet Accidents and Seepage

Even with carpeting that’s treated to resist staining, some of the urine and other matter will seep down into the carpet fibers. An over-the-counter product may seem to remove all evidence of the pet accident, but there’s more there than meets the eye. Over time, that remaining residue will attract the pet again the next time the need to heed nature’s call arises. That’s why mystified pet owners see their pets returning to the same spot even after it’s been cleaned thoroughly.

One of the advantages of a professional Carpet Cleaning in Colorado Springs is that the pro has the equipment to remove that residue. With all the trace amounts out of the way, the pet is less likely to return to the same spot. Along with minimizing the potential for a repeat event, that completely clean carpeting is also not subjected to the damage caused by the presence urine on and in the carpet fibers.

Getting Rid of Odors Others Notice

It’s easy enough for pet owners to get used to the odors generated by their pets. After a time, they barely notice them at all. The same is not necessarily true for visitors to the home. While the owner may think those over-the-counter products are doing the job, there is still an unpleasant scent that others will notice the moment they walk through the door. This phenomenon is known in advertising and other circles as nose blindness.

When professionals clean the carpeting, all the origins of those scents are removed. Guests will walk into a home that smells as well as looks clean.

Browse our website today and learn more about the benefits of professional carpet cleaning. One call is all it takes to have a team on the way.

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