Find Out More About the Metal Cutting Seattle WA Contractors Need

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Business

Contractors require a variety of services to complete specific projects, including metal fabrication and cutting. From pipes to rails and more, metal is used for many purposes at commercial and residential properties. Find out more about the Metal Cutting Seattle WA contractors need to complete these jobs.

Water-Jet Cutting

A wide variety of metals and materials up to 10″ thick can be cut using water-jet cutting. This basic technology is also complex. Thousands of pounds of pressurized water are forced through a small opening to cut soft materials. When abrasive particles are added to the jet stream, this water force that cut into hard metals as well as glass, stone, and composite materials. This type of Metal Cutting Seattle WA consumers want is used for various industries such as aerospace, metal stamping, signage, tool and die makers, architecture, and machine shops. Plus, is can also be used on materials where torching is not an option because of thickness or the fact the materials cannot be burned.

Laser Cutting

Another way to cut metals is laser cutting, which uses a 5000-watt laser. It can cut 1/2″ thick aluminum as well as 3/4″ stainless and 1″ steel. The output of the laser is directed by a computer at the material that is being cut. The material then burns, melts, or vaporizes. It may also be blown away by a gas jet. The result is a high-quality surface finish. This type of cutting is used for piping and structural materials as well as sheet metals.

Plasma Oxy Fuel Cutting

Plasma cutting is used for high definition cutting up to 1″ while oxy-fuel cutting tackles 3/8″ to 6″ carbon steel. Plasma cutting is also used for 1/8″ to 3″ stainless, carbon, and aluminum as well as part marking. Both of these burning options are CAD programmed to suit the customized needs of each customer. The parts can be deburred as well as marked with corresponding part numbers.

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