3 Tips To Selecting The Best Metal Finishing Services

3 Tips To Selecting The Best Metal Finishing Services

When it comes to requiring a company to complete your metal finishing services for jobs of all sizes, getting the right company is an essential part of the project. It is essential to choose a metal finisher with the capacity to handle the biggest projects and jobs yet the attention to detail to ensure every part comes out just the way it should be.

There are three easy ways to know if you are working with one of the metal finishing services in the industry. Completing a short online review and making a couple of phone calls is typically all you will need to do to ensure your job gets done right.

Experience in Metal Finishing

Having a website doesn’t mean a company offering metal finishing services has a solid reputation in the industry. Instead, look specifically at details indicating the company has solid work experience and the skills, equipment, and technical abilities you need.

Any company offering metal finishing services to industries which has been around for more than a few decades a solid company. In this business, if a company doesn’t have top quality finishing processes and doesn’t deliver on time they simply don’t survive. They certainly are not in business for over 65 years as some of the top companies are if they don’t deliver on what they promise.

Services Offered

There are some metal finishing services which only specialize in one or two processes. This could be powder coating or anodizing, but they don’t provide the full range of services needed for all industrial applications.

The top metal finishing services provide the full list of metal finishing options including:

 * Powder coating
 * Black oxide
 * Anodizing – hardcoat and aluminum
 * Electropolishing
 * Passivation
 * Electropolishing

This information and details on any compliance standards the company meets for the specific processes offered should be readily available on the website.

Turn Around Time

Another factor to consider for any metal finishing services provided is the turnaround time to completion of your job. Some companies, because of their technical and industrial abilities, are able to offer very short turnaround times, one to three days for orders of virtually all sizes.

Getting the right metal finishing services is more than just comparing prices. Look for top companies, including their ISO certification, and then compare services and turnaround times to find just the metal finisher which is the best match for your needs.

At Electro-Polish we have 65 plus years of experience in providing top quality metal finishing services to all industries. To learn more about our ISO 9001 certified company and our services see our website at www.electro-polishing.com.

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