Side Dump Trailers and Modern Industry

Have you ever seen side dump trailers in action? They are not the usual kind of dump truck or trailer. This kind of equipment is used several industries and provides many benefits to modern companies. Here is more about side dump units and how they benefit today’s businesses.

What are Side Dump Trailers?

A side dump trailer is a semi-trailer pulled by a truck. These trucks have three axles and the trailers usually have two. Materials are loaded into the trailer container from the top. This is usually done with some high loader equipment.

Once the material is loaded, it is then hauled to the dumping site. Instead of tilting back (like end dump trucks) this trailer tilts to the side with special hydraulic equipment. Once dumped, the empty container is tilted back into position and ready to be loaded again.

Why a Trailer Instead of a Truck?

Using a trailer for dumping can be very advantageous. For one thing, you can use a semi truck to haul the trailer, and it can hold a much higher capacity than a standard dump truck. The suspension does not have to support a motor, transmission, or truck chassis, and this makes it more efficient for hauling and sustaining heavy materials.

Why Dump from the Side?

Side dumping has several benefits over end dumping or many other techniques. Large amounts of material can be unloaded very quickly. This is good for business because time is money and the more loads you can haul in a day the more money you make, and the faster the job is done. This creates a more efficient operation.

Safety is a big factor to consider for side dump trailers. An end dump semi-trailer can easily dip over due to the nature of its construction, and this is especially true with very heavy loads. However, tipping is almost never an issue when you dump from the side because the load is dumped very quickly, and pressure is not placed on one end of the trailer.


If you use an end dump trailer, you must comply with certain regulations and restrictions on the length of the trailer. Also, axle location is an issue. However, you will not have these problems with side dumps, and you can haul a great deal of weight and even two side dump trailers without the need to unhook them.

No dumping system is perfect, and there are some cases where end dump trailers will work better. However, side dump trailers are helping many businesses find greater efficiency and higher profits, and these trailers can be manufactured to fill all your needs.

If you are interested in the many benefits of quality made side dump trailers, come to Centerline Tanks & Trailer Manufacturing. We offer a wide range of trucking products for business, and you can find us online now at

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