Coordinating With Commercial Moving Companies In Louisville

Planning a residential move is a challenge when you have to deal with the family, but planning the move of an office, retail outlet or place of business is even more difficult. This is where experienced commercial moving companies in Louisville shine in being able to streamline the process and anticipate your needs.

Moving any business is very different than moving home. First, there is typically more in the way in of actual contents to move, including a significant number of larger items. In a home, you typically have or more bedroom and living room suites that are larger, but the rest of the household contents are smaller and lighter.

With commercial moving companies in Louisville handling office and company moves there can be dozens of full-sized desks, storage units, cubicles and dividers, filing cabinets, and all types of electronic and computer equipment. Movers need to have specialized skills and training to dismantle correctly, pack, and set up these types of items while staying on your schedule.

Advanced Planning

The top commercial moving companies in Louisville will provide, as part of their service package, a move coordinator or on-site move manager. This professional will meet with you in advance and assess your current office, developing a strategic plan for packers and movers to handle removing the contents before and on the day of the move.

That professional will also, if possible, meet with you to inspect the new location. This allows your personal move coordinator to develop a plan for effective and efficient unloading and unpacking at the other end. Not only does this streamline the move but it also ensures the contents don’t have to be moved multiple times.

Additional Services

While not offered by all commercial moving companies in Louisville some services provide support in ensuring your fixtures are installed at the new location. This means the cubicles can be rebuilt, the desks and other large items put together, and the entire office or workplace ready when you need it.

Another feature to ask about from commercial moving companies in Louisville is handling your post-move cleaning needs. By contracting this with your moving company, you can rest assured the property is left in top condition and ready for the next tenants.

Timing, planning and coordination of your move through commercial moving companies in Louisville is highly recommended. These professionals know what to do to make your move as easy as making a phone call to book their service.

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