3 Upkeep Tips to Keep Your Solar Panels in Top Form

3 Upkeep Tips to Keep Your Solar Panels in Top Form

Proper care and maintenance will help keep your solar panels running with greater efficiency for far longer. Here are handy upkeep tips to keep in mind to make that possible:

Check regularly

You might want to regularly check your solar panels to ensure cleanliness. Dirty panels aren’t going to absorb as much as energy as they should, says Do It Yourself. Dust buildup along with bird droppings could also derail performance of your panels. If you want to make the most out of the system, keep the panels clean and free of dirt, debris and other things. If you don’t have the time and tools, though, hire the services of a company for solar panel cleaning in Walnut Creek instead.

Inspect the system

Hiring pros means you can also ask them to inspect the panels or system for any loose wiring connections. Is there debris on the panels? Are the frames still in place? If there are gaps or cracks in the frame, that could let water into your system. This could lead to water damage and a whole lot of problems. To prevent any of that, ask pros to inspect the system for you as well.

Do maintenance checks

Nature and wildlife could be a potential problem. Squirrels could chew right through your wires. Birds might make nests under the panels. Pros can also do regular maintenance and service checks on your panels to keep them out. Also, if you have trees or shrubs nearby, that could shade your panels and reduce their operational efficiency. A team of pros could certainly trim those back or cut them back to ensure your panels get as much sunlight as possible.

Following these tips will surely help protect your investment and keep it running efficiently and in top form for years to come.

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