Commercial Duct Cleaning in Greeley, CO Keeps Customers and Employees Happier

One issue that’s frequently overlooked by commercial property owners is indoor air quality. When air quality deteriorates, employees and customers may notice symptoms like odors, dust in the air, or even flu-like aches and pains. Those are all solid indicators it may be time to contact a service provider for Commercial Duct Cleaning in Greeley CO. However, it’s important for building owners to fully understand why duct cleaning is an important investment.

Preventing Illnesses

One issue associated with improperly maintained ducts is the spread of viruses and germs that are likely to cause illnesses among employees and customers. When employees get sick, productivity declines. Customers may not be able to track their illness to a specific business but, if they become ill, they’re unlikely to shop or otherwise patronize a business for some time. The net result is that businesses lose money when ductwork is not properly maintained.

Conversely, well-maintained duct systems move air efficiently to all areas of the building and keep customers and employees alike happier and healthier. When ductwork also includes filtering systems or air purifiers, the air quality is even higher, which may, in turn, actually improve the health and morale of employees. Studies have proven conclusively that healthier workforce members are less apt to miss work or display unhappiness.

Attracting New Tenants

Building owners around the country are also noting potential tenants pay attention to air quality when looking for office, retail, or even manufacturing spaces. Prospective tenants are well aware of the advantages of green technology and the benefits of high indoor air quality. In many cases, they’re willing to pay a premium for space that provides their employees or clients with light, airy environments to work or shop in.

Routine Maintenance is Always Important

Even buildings without newer technologies benefit from routine Commercial Duct Cleaning in Greeley CO. Reducing the dust, pollen, mold, and chemical residues in a duct system is important for any business focusing on employee retention and customer satisfaction. Area indoor environmental specialists generally suggest building owners have duct system evaluated to determine what types of service are needed. At that point, service providers like Poudre Valley Air will recommend strategies to enhance the indoor air quality of any building. For more information, visit our Google+ page.

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