Signs it is Time for New Water Heater Installation in Glendale, AZ

The water heater is a hard-working component of any plumbing system. While modern units are designed to last for many years, at some point they all need to be replaced. Getting to know the signs it is time for a new Water Heater Installation in Glendale AZ will help homeowners avoid the frustration of their unit no longer working.

Excessive Amounts of Sediment in the Water

Homeowners should take notice of what their water looks like. For example, is it brown or does it have a scale in it? In some cases, maintenance will help with the issue but, if a problem persists, it is time to invest in a new one.

Loud Hissing, Bangs, and Clanks

This is an issue that is also related to excessive amounts of sediment. If there is too much in the tank, a homeowner is going to begin to hear the sounds described above. In some cases, the tank can be drained but, in other situations, it will be time for new Water Heater Installation in Glendale AZ.

Significant Leaks

Significant is the key word here because it isn’t uncommon for a water heater to experience minor seal leaks from time to time. However, if puddles begin to appear, or a homeowner notices water damage on the walls or flooring, the chances are the water heater can’t be saved.

No Hot Water

This is one of the issues many people experience, but should never endure. If one person showering drains the entire tank, it is time to upgrade to a new unit. In some cases, a tankless unit will be a great option.

The Unit’s Age

At the 10-year point, most water heaters will lose quite a bit of efficiency. The number of repairs needed will also increase significantly. A homeowner can save time and frustration by simply replacing the unit.

When it comes to installing a new water heater, there are a number of factors to consider. If a homeowner isn’t sure whether or not replacement is necessary, they should call the professionals. More information about new unit installation and when it is time to invest in a water heater can be found by contacting the staff at Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating. Like us on Facebook.

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