Is it Best to Repair or Replace a Residential Garage Door in Huntington, WV?

Is it Best to Repair or Replace a Residential Garage Door in Huntington, WV?

Although the typical residential garage door does not require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, there are some common reasons a garage door would need to be repaired or replaced. Accidents or extreme weather can damage the door’s exterior, and motorized parts can fail. A different look might be desired or an existing door may need to be converted from manual to automatic. Installing or repairing a Residential Garage Door in Huntington WV can be accomplished by contacting a professional company such as Garage Door Operators Inc.


The need to repair a residential garage door will often be obvious. Dents on the exterior reduce the resale value of the home and make the home look unsightly. Damaging hail storms, high winds, roughhousing, and accidents with moving vehicles all cause exterior dents. In rare cases, the material used in the construction of the door could make it more susceptible to the natural formation of dents over time. Sudden malfunctions of the moving parts of automatic garage doors are obvious needs for repair.


A need to replace a residential garage door is not necessarily as obvious as the need to repair. While age can be a significant factor, it is not always a good reason to replace a door if it is still functioning correctly and not breaking down on a regular basis. If certain parts or components of the garage door are constantly in need of repair, it may be time to proceed with replacement of only those specific components. The decision to replace a Residential Garage Door in Huntington WV is best made with the assistance of a specialist.

Of course, if the look of the garage door is too much to bear or the number of yearly repairs is beginning to stack up, it is probably best to proceed with a replacement. If your home is part of a homeowner’s association, check to ensure there are not any aesthetic requirements or standards a replacement door has to meet. You may also need to obtain written approval from a homeowner’s association to proceed with replacement or the homeowner’s association may be in charge of paying for the expenses. Regardless of who is fiscally responsible, be sure to obtain estimates from at least two qualified vendors. Like us on Facebook.

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