4 Helpful Services for Your Senior Loved Ones

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Healthcare

Does your loved one need senior companion services? If an elderly family member lives alone and you are seeing signs that she is slowing down or not able to do all of the things she loves to do, what can you do?

Factors for Longer Home Stay
Many elderly adults would rather stay at their home than move into a facility or nursing home. Here are several factors you’ll need to consider:

 * Household Maintenance: No matter how small a home is, taking care of it can take a toll on your loved one. Look into services that can provide him or her with the help they need, such as housekeeping help. Is there someone who can run errands, do the laundry, change the bed linens, gardening or handyman services? Get in touch with people who can do these things for your loved one. As for errands or housekeeping, private duty caregiving services offer those services so you might want to explore this possibility.

 * Transportation: Some elderly adults have trouble driving. Some dislike the thought of driving in the night due to poor vision or cataract. Some tire out easily. Whatever the reason you can consider services that provide driving assistance. Home care agencies or caregivers referred through a registry offer driving assistance.

 * Day Programs: Day care programs provide your loved one with much-needed social interaction. The activities are designed to keep them interested throughout the day. Knowing that your loved one is at a day program lets you rest easy. If she’s there, then you won’t have to worry about her alone at home. Things can happen in an instant—stroke, accidents—and if they’re in a day program, they have trained staff who can help them should an emergency arise.

 * Companion Services: Sometimes, all your loved one needs is a bit of
companionship, a friendly visitor to go to the museum with, or stroll around town or maybe just spend a nice afternoon drinking tea and having a chat. At Capital City Nurses, we offer “Daughter Down the Street” and “Son Stopping By” senior companion services. If your loved one needs someone to play chess with or to attend a concert with, our companions provide them with companionship and personal connection. To learn more, call Capital City Nurses.

Want senior companion services for your loved one? Our caregivers are trained to offer the highest possible level of care to our clients. Learn more by contacting us at Capital City Nurses today! You can also Like us on Facebook.

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