4 Tips for Choosing Auto Accident Lawyers in Sparks, NV

4 Tips for Choosing Auto Accident Lawyers in Sparks, NV

When a person is injured in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence, selecting the right attorney will be one of their most important choices. Post-injury medical bills can be crippling, especially when combined with lost income and time away from work. Injury victims should have an experienced attorney with the Houston & Lyon Injury Law Center who is willing to fight for their rights.

Thoughtfully Choose an Attorney

Because injury claims have very high stakes, it is important to hire an attorney with the background necessary to maximize the value of the claim. Many local lawyers are competing for business, but clients should not make hiring decisions out of desperation. Hiring Auto Accident Lawyers Sparks NV is an important decision that requires significant thought and extensive research.

Do Not Choose an Attorney Based on Career Length

While it is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney, other factors are at play. Before choosing a lawyer, the client should ask how many of their cases have gone to trial. Jury trial numbers can be just as crucial as the attorney’s length of time in practice. After all, the client should ensure the attorney they choose could take the case to court if a settlement is not possible.

Do Not Choose an Attorney Based on a Phone Call

Phone calls can be useful to remain in touch with auto accident lawyers in Sparks NV, but clients should schedule face-to-face meetings before making hiring decisions. By going to the office for an interview, the client can evaluate the lawyer’s knowledge and skills. Initial consultations can also provide the plaintiff with a chance to ask case-specific questions, and the interview process can leave the client with a better idea of what to expect during the case.

Do Not Choose an Inflexible Attorney

Litigation is expensive even under the best of circumstances. If a client cannot afford to pay expenses and the attorney is unwilling to provide an advance, the person is usually forced to accept the insurance company’s settlement offer. Before hiring an attorney, the client should find out if they are willing to provide an advance for litigation expenses. Most attorneys will do so, and they simply recoup expenses when settlement funds are received. If the attorney will not make such an arrangement, the plaintiff should go to another lawyer.

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