5 Signs Your Loved One is Doing Drugs

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Online Business

Drug rehabilitation is a difficult process. If you think your loved one already requires treatment, here are a few red flags to watch out for before you look for a drug rehab center in Boynton Beach:

Mood swings

People who suffer from substance addiction often have severe mood swings. This, alone, isn’t conclusive though, as many fluctuations in moods can indicate other medical conditions or disorders.

Changing sleep patterns

A lot of drugs out there excite the brain as well as the central nervous system, which is why many addicts are jittery or have a difficult time sleeping, says HealthyPlace. In addition, some drugs cause the central system to slow down while others are powerful hallucinogens with addictive properties. Some of these cause addicts to take frequent naps only to wake up manic or needing very little sleep the next time.

Poor performance

This is often one of the most telling signs of drug addiction in a family. If your child or brother, who has always been on top of his grades, suddenly starts to let his academic scores slide or starts cutting classes, that’s a definite sign of a problem. If there are core issues at home, your child or brother could have resorted to drug use to deal with the situation.

Risky behavior

For addicts, life becomes a series of one high after another. Chasing after the next one means they lose interest in their hobbies and start engaging in risky behavior like stealing money to fund their habit. You might want to approach your loved one about getting help if you see this happening.


If your loved one has become very secretive, that might be a sign that they’re suffering from drug addiction problems. If they open up with you about the problem, do your best to offer support. Start by looking for drug rehab centers in Boynton Beach and ask about consultation and treatment.

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