Ford Edge, The Ideal Five Passenger SUV

Ford Edge, The Ideal Five Passenger SUV

If you have a large family chances are the Ford Explorer, which seats seven, will be your choice of SUVs. However, you want an SUV and you have a smaller family, the Ford Edge is the natural choice. Ford Edge in Wheeling will accommodate your family of five with room to spare and yet you won’t have to leave it outside because of its size.

A good look at the Ford Edge features:

There are really two categories of crossover SUVs; the full size three row version that is well suited for a large family and the two row crossover suited for a family of five. The majority of two row crossovers is considered compact or sub compact vehicles, not the Ford Edge. The Ford Edge is somewhere in the middle; smaller that the full size SUV and larger than the compact models. If you want a vehicle with great rear seat room, a vehicle that is fuel efficient and very modern in styling, then the Ford Edge is for you.

Ford do offer a compact crossover, the Escape. Unlike the Escape, the Edge can accommodate three adults in the rear seat with room to spare. The Edge is available with three choices for the engine including a gas sipping four cylinder turbo to a powerful twin-turbo V6 which is standard on the Sport trim.

There are many ways to customize your Ford Edge in Wheeling as there are numerous features packs available. If you want blind side monitoring, the Edge can be so equipped; if you want the best in infotainment systems, the Edge has it.

Fuel economy statistics are quite impressive. The four cylinder turbo is good for 24 MPG combined; 20 mpg in the city and an impressive 30 mpg on the open road. These numbers are slightly less if you opt for the four wheel drive version but not by much; 23 MPG combined.

The Ford Edge in Wheeling is the ideal crossover SUV for a family of five. The Edge is a “go anywhere do anything” vehicle that is well appointed. To test drive a Ford Edge you are invited to visit Arlington Heights Ford.

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