Finished Basement – What Kind of Lighting Should You Install?

When you need more space in your home, you may only have to look to the basement for all the living space you need. However, a typical basement needs a lot of work and finishing, if you want to turn it into the room or rooms you dream about. With a finished basement, you’ll enjoy a wide range of selections for lighting and here are some of the many choices you have. Some of them may be perfect for your needs.

Track Lighting

Install track lights is not difficult and they don’t take up a lot of your ceiling space. Track lighting is one of the few lighting options you can change whenever you want to. For example, if you want to accent one area of the room, just slide the fixture to another location. You can also chance fixtures easily and can use floodlights, pendant lights, and many other types of lighting. For special effects, consider modern quartz halogen lighting fixtures.

Benefits of Up Lighting

The right kind of up lighting (like floor lamps that focus on ceilings) can light up your finished basement. They’re cost-effective because you don’t need to install wall switches or ceiling lights. They also make the perfect complement to recessed ceiling light fixtures.

False Windows

A finished basement can appear drab without windows. However, false lighted windows give you a beautiful window in your room and add a great deal to the aesthetics. Your basement remodeling professionals can build you a custom lighted window that makes the room come alive with light.

These are only a few of the many kinds of lighting features your basement renovation specialists can give you. The best remodeling companies are there to help you with design, construction and offer a free estimate for your basement finishing project.

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