5 Ways to Get Over the Sticker Shock When You Buy LED Lights

LED lights are great. They’re energy-efficient. They don’t just use 75 percent less power than bulbs, they also last 25 times longer than traditional lights. However, they also tend to cost you back more. Here are a few buying tips to help you get over the sticker shock:

Buy it over time

Don’t buy a whole bunch all in one go. That’s guaranteed to take a chunk out of your wallet. Do it slowly. Time your purchases. As more companies produce LED lights, you can expect the price to drop within the next few years. Hold out on buying anything other than what you need until then.

Watch out for discounts

There are plenty of sales and discount offers all year round. You might want to watch out for those. Mark them on your browser so you could visit favorite shops and providers online.

Repair, don’t replace

In many cases, you don’t have to throw your lights away. You could simply repair or fix your lights by buying and installing new LED light fixtures. Sometimes, all it takes is a new part or component to make your old LED lights look good as new.

Retrofit your lights

Another way to save up on costs is to retrofit your recessed lighting with LED. That’s a good place to start, says Houselogic. It’s also another way to lower your costs. You don’t have to completely take down everything. Start in one area and slowly move on from there.

Match the style

You could pick out LED light fixtures that could easily fit into every room in your house or your outdoor space. However, it would be a good idea to find fixtures that match. That way, when you go through your home, everything will give off a vibe that’s cohesive and whole.

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