High Bay LED Lighting For Warehouses

Warehouses create a unique lighting challenge. They are typically buildings with high ceilings. They also have racks or storage that may go to the ceiling, which can pose a challenge with shadows and dark areas that is unsafe for operating equipment.

With the use of high bay LED lighting, these issues can be eliminated. This is a lighting source that is designed specifically for any facility or building where ceilings are at least 15 feet high. Different styles of high bay lighting with LED bulbs can be used for ceilings up to 40 feet in height, which is important in sports venues as well as warehouse facilities.

There are several reasons why high bay LED lighting is a superior option to compact fluorescent bulbs or traditional types of incandescent lighting options. Here are three important elements that make an upgrade a good decision.

Life Span of Bulbs and Fixtures

The average lifespan of an LED bulb used in a high bay fixture is about ten times as long as the life of a compact fluorescent bulb. This means lower replacement costs and less time in changing out bulbs. Additionally, since there is negligible amounts of heat produced when on, there is an extended life of the fixture.

Cost of Lighting Over Time

Lighting is a big part of the operating costs of any warehouse or similar type of building. With the use of LED lighting, property owners can expect to see as much as an 80% drop in the cost of electricity used for lighting the interior of the building. By using LED lighting on the exterior of the warehouse, these cost savings can be expanded.

Better Light Distribution

With high bay LED lighting, the light is distributed where needed. By choosing the correct size and shape of fixture and the best lumen level for the given lighting needs, shadows and dark areas can be completely eliminated.

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