6 Things to Know Before You Hire Housekeeping Services

There’s more to life than spending your weekends cleaning your home. If you’re too busy during the rest of the week getting to and from work, it wouldn’t hurt to simply hire housekeeping services in Victoria BC to take care of your cleaning chores for you. Read on for 6 things you should know before opting for a cleaning company:

Liability insurance

You’ll want to hire insured cleaning professionals. If an accident happens, you’ll rest easy, knowing everyone on the crew is covered.

Screening process

Ask about the screening process, the Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) recommends. You don’t want just anyone walking into your home. Does the company have a reputation for hiring experienced professionals who are efficient at their jobs? That’s a good place to start.

Cleaning products

What kind does the company use? If the cleaning company insists on using your own products, you might want to look elsewhere. It’s always a good indication that the company has its own set of cleaning tools and solutions they bring to every job.


Do you have tinted windows? Ask the cleaning crew if they have experience cleaning those windows in the past. Find out what kind of cleaning solutions they’ll use to see if they know which ones are right for those windows and which ones will irrevocably damage the tint.


Excellent housekeeping services in Victoria BC will know how to use common cleaning products and tools safely and effectively. They’re also trained to be careful. If you’ve had a bad experience with former cleaners who carelessly knocked figurines, vases and items off your shelves, then you know how ideal careful and conscientious cleaners are.


A cleaning company that’s been doing good work won’t have any problems providing you with a list of references or reviews from past clients.

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