A Few Tips on Home Scorpions Control

It is a common misconception that scorpions only live in the desert. In fact there are well over 1,000 species of scorpions living the world over in a wide variety of habitats. Another misconception is that all scorpions are poisonous; this simply isn’t true. This fear is probably due to the segmented barbed tail arching back across their slender bodies, which all scorpions have. Although most of them can’t use it to inflict serious damage to human beings, a quick sting from that tail feels similar to a wasp or bee sting and is nonetheless best avoided.

These tails are used both for protection and as an aid in their nocturnal feeding habits. They are predatory animals, feeding primarily on insects and spiders, but not unknown to kill other smaller scorpions or, in the case of larger varieties, even small lizards and mice. They can survive for up to half a year without food, and prefer to hide out during the day. This is when Scorpion Control may become necessary.

Often scorpions will enter man made structures such as houses and outbuildings looking for water and shelter. Unfortunately they don’t co-habitate well with man, often scaring kids and pets or administering the occasional unpleasant sting. The best way to avoid having scorpions in the house is to stop them from entering to begin with. Removing piles of firewood and stones located near the house can help to discourage them from inviting themselves in, as can sealing any potential points of entry. These include any cracks around doors, windows, or wires.

Often just making it difficult for scorpions to live nearby or gain entry to a house can encourage them to move on to less hostile environments, rather than attempting to make themselves at home. But sometimes these steps are not enough. Homeowners who are sick of scorpions scaring the kids, harassing pets, or generally making a nuisance of themselves have options. There are local pest control companies like Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC that can help. Be sure to choose one that has experience in Scorpions Control, as not every exterminator is familiar with their unique habits. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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