A Guide to Negotiating Settlements for Motorcycle Accidents in Allentown, PA

One may be able to negotiate a settlement in Motorcycle Accidents in Allentown PA even if they haven’t done it before. By hiring a competent lawyer, a client can protect their rights and, potentially, get a larger settlement. Readers can click here to get more info on achieving the best possible result.

When Should Negotiations Begin?

After a victim recovers from their injuries and gets the necessary documentation, there’s no real reason to delay filing a claim. A lawyer can help the client send a demand letter to the insurer, which begins negotiations. It’s important to have enough evidence to support the claim, such as photos, medical bills, witness statements, and police reports. Insufficient evidence can ruin a case or, at the very least, leave the plaintiff with a low settlement.

Should a Plaintiff Set the Amount?

In most cases, no. Motorcycle accident settlement negotiations are much like any other bargaining process, and it’s been the same way since the beginning. A victim should come to the table with a high initial demand because insurers typically respond with an offer that’s lower than their maximum. The negotiation process goes on until the claim is settled or when the sides determine that an agreement can’t be reached.

How Long Must Negotiations Continue?

Ideally, motorcycle accident settlement negotiations will go on until parties reach an agreement. A deal can be reached in one session, but it’s likely that there’ll be a bit of back-and-forth before the plaintiff gets their best offer. A lawyer can discuss the claim with the insurance adjuster to achieve the best outcome for the client.

Should a Plaintiff Accept the Insurer’s Best Offer?

A victim should know with certainty that the offer they’ve received is really the top offer the insurer will make. An attorney may ask the adjuster whether they’re authorized to make a higher offer, and they will listen carefully to the answer. Any ambiguity in the response may mean that the offer can be increased at a later time.

Once a client comes to realize that they’ve received the best offer they’ll get, it’s up to them whether to accept. If one hires a competent local attorney, they can get a settlement that will put them back into the position they enjoyed before Motorcycle Accidents in Allentown PA.

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