Questions to Ask an Implant Dentist in Stuart

Having to part with the last of the natural teeth is not exactly an experience anyone relishes. When this event does come to pass, it pays to talk with an Implant Dentist Stuart and ask a few questions. Here are some examples of what to talk about before making a decision.

Are Implants a Possibility?

Many people are surprised when they learn that not everyone can be fitted with dental implants. As the Implant Dentist in Stuart will explain, candidates must have a bone structure that is dense enough to support the action of drilling and inserting the implants. When the bones are not sturdy enough for this type of procedure, considering alternatives like denture plates are the best way to go.

Is Sedation Necessary?

Most dental professionals will recommend sedation along with using some agent to deaden the sensation in the gums. This is because the installation of dental implants is an invasive procedure. It also takes the time to install a series of implants. The right type of sedation will allow the patient to undergo the procedure without being aware of the passage of time or feeling any type of discomfort.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

When the procedure involves replacing all the natural teeth, expect the gums to be sore for at least a couple of weeks. During that time, taking nourishment in the form of liquids and, eventually, working soft foods into the mix is the best approach. Typically, the surgeon will want to see the patient again in a couple of weeks to see how the healing is progressing. Assuming the patient has followed the instructions given after the surgery, it may be possible to begin consuming a wider range of foods without damaging the temporary caps.

When Will the Permanent Caps Be Ready?

The amount of time needed to prepare the permanent caps varies based on the features that are needed to ensure they look natural. The number of caps can also play a role. Two to three weeks is the average, although the dental professional can advise the patient if it takes longer.

If implants are under consideration, Contact Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart and learn more about what to expect. Once the questions are answered, the patient can decide if implants are the right option.

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