A Guide to Paper Wasps Removal in Pittsburgh

A Guide to Paper Wasps Removal in Pittsburgh

Paper wasps are common stinging insects that often show up near houses. They are typically brown with black wings, though some may also have lighter markings or yellow overall coloration. They are slimmer than bees and are generally around an inch long. Homeowners will want to get rid of any paper wasps that are on their property to protect against the possibility of someone being stung. The most effective way to eliminate these stinging insects is to get professional Paper Wasps Removal in Pittsburgh.

The Nest

Paper wasps live in colonies, and each colony builds a nest to live in. The nests appear to be made out of paper, and that is how paper wasps got their name. However, the nests are actually made from a mixture of wood and saliva that is formed into a nest by these insects. The nests are often shaped like the top of an umbrella.

An average nest is not large, but it often contains more than a dozen wasps. A queen wasp will lay eggs inside of the nest, while some of the other wasps will leave the nest to find food. Paper wasps mostly eat nectar and other insects. Since colonies of wasps like areas that make them feel safe from the weather, they will build nests in trees, on the ceilings of garages, under the eaves of houses, and any other place that they think looks inviting.

Watch Out for Stings

Since paper wasps often construct their nests on houses or in a yard’s trees, they can become a serious pest for homeowners. It is very easy for someone to get close to a nest without seeing it, or bump into it, which can cause the wasps to fly out and start stinging.

The presence of a wasp nest is especially a concern for those with children or pets. Even adults who know a nest is there may forget to be careful enough near it. Because of this, homeowners will want a safe way to get the paper wasps out of their yards immediately.

Thankfully, expert Paper Wasps Removal in Pittsburgh is available from The-Beeman. By hiring a professional, homeowners can avoid facing stings while trying to eliminate wasp nests. Visit the-beeman.com for more information about wasp control.

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