A Plumber Can Perform Shower Valve Repairs In Diamond Bar, CA

A shower valve that malfunctions can cause water that is too hot or cold to enter the showerhead. Attempting to correct this problem without the proper experience could lead to leaks in the system. The pressure balancing valve is usually the reason for this to occur. This valve helps to regulate if someone flushes the toilet or turns on the dishwasher so someone doesn’t get scalded in the shower. A diverter and transfer valve help to determine if the water should enter the bathtub or the showerhead. Shower Valve Repairs Diamond Bar CA should always be performed by an experienced plumber.

Shower valves can result in large leaks behind walls if not properly repaired. Water leaks behind a wall can be diagnosed by an experienced plumbing company without removing drywall or floors. This type of water leak can result in a serious mold problem developing behind the wall. In order for Shower Valve Repairs Diamond Bar CA to take place, the water must be shut off. The shower mixer, trim, handle, trim plate, and caulking must be removed. A larger access hole will need to be cut, and the pipe fitting will need to be disconnected. The old pipe will have to be trimmed, cut, and sanded for installation of the new valve. Improper removal could result in further damage to the plumbing system.

Some individuals are able to repair their valve problem by soaking the head of the cartridge and placing it in CLR or another lime removal product. In some cases, this type of process will work. If the valve is severely damaged, the only option is to have it replaced. If there’s plastic material in the valve, it should not be soaked in CLR because it can cause damage. Transfer valves are found on handheld units. This type of valve directs the water to the tub or the showerhead. Shower valves and any type of plumbing repairs should always be performed by an experienced plumber. Water leaks due to incorrect plumbing repairs can lead to very costly repairs. For more information on shower valves and plumbing, please feel free to Click Here.

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