How to Get the Most From Your Preventative Care Appointment With the Dentists in Kaneohe

Protecting the health of the teeth and gums is the primary focus of the dentists in Kaneohe. When one sees their dentist at least twice a year, they will be able to better protect the health of their teeth and gums and avoid cavities and gum disease. When one sees their dentist, it is imperative they are properly prepared for the appointment so they can get the most from the visit.

When a patient sees their dentist, they can expect their entire oral health to be investigated. No matter how consummate a brusher and flosser one is, they can expect to need teeth cleaning and Fluoride. Unfortunately, there are crevices and areas of the teeth that can be extremely cumbersome to keep clean. Seeing the dentist twice a year cleans these areas and prevents the onset of decay.

It is vital a person is honest with their dentist. If they do not floss or skimp on brushing, they need to inform their dentist. Patients are often embarrassed to admit their oral care faults, but it is imperative they are honest so the dentist can better help them in protecting the health of their teeth and gums. The dentist can provide a patient with information on how they can protect their health by using the right dental tools and oral care practices.

The Dentists in Kaneohe need to be aware of any issues a patient is experiencing. If they have noticed increased irritation or pain, these issues need to be addressed with the dentist. Many patients expect problems will automatically be detected by the dentist, but this is not always the case. Informing the dentist of problems can help to prevent wasted time during the appointment.

Preventative care appointments afford patients the opportunity to ask questions and broach topics of concern. Being silent in the chair prevents a patient from gaining insight into their oral care needs.

They will work to ensure your oral health is protected so you can have a beautiful smile. Call today if you would like to schedule your appointment.

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