A Variety of Reasons to Schedule Professional Tree Pruning in Arlington

A Variety of Reasons to Schedule Professional Tree Pruning in Arlington

Tree pruning in Arlington is important for maintaining the health, stability and symmetry of these plants. Professional trimming is advantageous because the technicians know exactly which methods to use and which ones to avoid. Some ideas that seem reasonable about tree trimming actually do more harm than good. For instance, a well-meaning property owner may decide to cut the top off of a tree that is becoming taller than desired. Even if this person makes an effort to keep the shape of the tree attractive, the plant responds to the sudden loss of canopy by rapidly producing more branches for leaf cover. Those new branches are weak and vulnerable to breaking. The tree never looks as nice as it once did, either.

As a tree grows from its youthful stage, it produces many branches, and some can later be cut away. A technician who does professional tree pruning in Arlington can identify which branches should be trimmed back, which should be left alone, and which should be removed altogether. If two branches rub against each other, one should be removed because the rubbing causes wear and could lead to rotting. Branches that are almost as wide as the trunk will be trimmed off since they will become excessively heavy.

When wind damage has occurred, the loss of a large branch or two often prompts the tree to send forth new small branches because it needs to replace the leaves. The technician will probably cut these away also as long as it doesn’t result in loss of too much greenery. The tree needs plenty of foliage for photosynthesis or it won’t get enough nutrition. Wind damage also can cause a tree to become unstable and even to start leaning because it has lost its center of gravity. Sometimes there is no way to return stability to the tree, and it must be cut down to avoid the risk of the entire structure falling. However, professional tree service workers often can resolve the situation by trimming away branches, so the tree is returned to its normal symmetry. Contact Cambridge Landscape to schedule an appointment for pruning.

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