Recognizing That Your Pet May Not Be Well

If you are not feeling well or one of your children are feeling a little ill, it is easy to know that there is a problem; people can speak and express their distress, animals cannot. When you notice that your pet seems to be acting a bit strange it may be nothing more than a bad day, on the other hand it could be the unspoken sign that the pet is ill. There are a number of signs that can help you recognize that your pet may need Bucktown animal medical care.

Always bear in mind that pets will attempt to hide their illness. Keep your eyes open for the following signs that your pet is not well:

* Loss of appetite
* Lethargy or lack of energy
* Difficulty in urinating or defecating
* Excess licking of an area on its body
* Unusual discharge from the eyes or nose
* Incessant whining or vocalizing

It is important that, as a pet owner, you know which signs are indicative of a need for urgent Bucktown animal medical care and which signs indicate that care might not necessarily be needed. If your pet cannot pass water or feces, is vomiting to excess, is finding it difficult to rise and walk then there is a need for urgent attention. Other signs which are less urgent in nature should still be attended to but not as an emergency.

If your vet provides a course of medication, make sure they are all taken and take your pet back to the vet for follow up tests and examinations. Your pet might look fully recovered but it is always best to follow the instructions laid down by your vet.

If your pet is injured or unwell, Bucktown animal medical care is available from Village West Veterinary. You can contact the clinic for immediate assistance.

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