Acute Tooth Pain Can Be Treated at the Dental Office in Kona

Acute Tooth Pain Can Be Treated at the Dental Office in Kona

One of the most unrelenting types of pain is tooth pain. When tooth pain begins, it is often difficult to overcome with measures taken at home. When tooth pain comes on suddenly, infection is often to blame. If the infection is not brought under control, it can spread to the gum tissue and other teeth and can even affect the heart. It is crucial patients see their dentist as soon as possible once the pain starts so they can find relief.

When a patient comes to the Dental Office in Kona with acute pain, the dentist will first discuss their symptoms. The dentist will need to know what brought the pain on and what makes it worse or better. In most cases, the dentist will take some X-ray images to ensure they can find the reason for the sudden onset of pain. When X-rays are coupled with a full examination, the dentist can learn if an infection is to blame or a tooth injury.

Infection is treated in different ways, depending on the severity. Most tooth abscesses require a root canal procedure to attempt to heal the tooth and prevent necrosis. During the root canal, the dentist simply opens the tooth to have access to the inner portions. The infected pulp is removed and sometimes the nerves. Once the tooth has been completely cleaned out, it will be packed with antibiotics so it can heal.

The dentist will need to make sure the infection has been fully brought under control before sealing the tooth. Once all signs of infection are removed, the dentist will fill the tooth with a material called gutta-percha which is spongy and able to replace the pulp. On top of this, the dentist will place a strong sealant or crown, depending on how stable the tooth is.

If you are suffering from severe tooth pain, it is imperative you call the Dental Office in Kona. If you would like further information on the available dental services, visit Call the office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. so you can schedule your appointment. They will help you overcome your tooth pain and protect the health of your smile.

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