Get the Best Professional Landscaping & Residential Lawn Service in Lawrence, KS

A lush, green, and healthy lawn is one of those simple pleasures that you can find yourself taking for granted sometimes. All children, and most adults enjoy having that soft, comfortable grass between their toes, and when your lawn isn’t well cared for, it can be a bit disheartening. You love owning a home, and you want to take pride in the appearance of your lawn, trees, and landscaping, and a professional residential lawn service can help.

Spend Your Time Enjoying It Rather Than Working on it

Keeping your lawn and landscaping well maintained and beautiful takes a lot of dedication and hard work, as well as knowledge, skill, and experience. When your grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers aren’t well cared for, they can quickly become unhealthy, and it will take them much longer to get healthy again. Sure, you enjoy being outdoors, and you don’t mind some hard work, but wouldn’t you rather spend your precious time enjoying your outdoor space rather than mowing, trimming and pruning, watering, weeding, and fertilizing? You can let a professional take care of all your landscaping and residential lawn service in Lawrence, KS.

More Than Residential Lawn Service

Greentouch lawn service can do more than just take care of your lawn with regular mowing, pest and weed control, and fertilizing services. You can add an exciting new look to your outdoor space with professional landscaping design and installation, and you can ensure it stays green and healthy with a professionally designed, installed, and maintained sprinkler service. From providing and installing new plant and landscaping materials to keeping your trees healthy and trimmed by a professional arborist, your needs will always be well provided for. Let a professional landscaping and residential lawn service help you keep your outdoor space beautiful.

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