Add Value To Your Workout With DEFCON1

In the world of supplements, particularly in the area of boosting workout efficiency and strength, there are a lot of different choices to consider. For the serious athlete, DEFCON1 offers the widest range of ingredients that are proven to allow you to push the limit and not have to worry about the after-workout crash.

There are many different ingredients in DEFCON1 that, even if used alone, are going to have a profound impact on energy levels, recovery rates and the ability to focus and remain physically as well as mentally alert. With the formula, the synergist effect when these ingredients combined is truly amazing, and one which allowed the product to be given the award of “Supplement of the Year” as well as being awarded the “Pre-workout Of the Year” for the Arnold Classic Australian Supplement Award.

The Ingredients

Compared to the competition, DEFCON1 not only lists all ingredients but provides the amount per serving that is contained within the formulation. This provides athletes with the specific information about what they are putting in their bodies, as well as the specific measurement in milligrams.

As can be expected, the ingredients are carefully selected for their ability to boost, rev and sustain activity during even the most intensive workouts. With the carefully researched levels of each ingredient, there is no mid or post-workout crash, maximizing the effects of each and every minute in the gym.

Within the multitude of carefully selected ingredients, DEFCON1 provides the B Vitamins 6 and 12, both linked to fuel cells and maintain high energy levels even with intensive activity.

L-tryptophan, L-tyrosine and L-taurine are all precursors or used in the production of various amino acids and the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, these are essential for mental clarity, focus and to help reduce feelings of mental and physical fatigue.

To boost energy, DEFCON1 offers theobromine, caffeine, and creatine HCL, the later which is also linked to producing elite performance potential.

Added Benefits

The DEFCON1 ingredients also include betaine, which is a natural precursor to creatine, necessary for building lean muscles and cutting fat. Additionally, agmatine sulfate, which is now considered one of the most beneficial supplements for athletes is also present, triggering increased production of natural growth hormone that is linked to increased fat burning and building strength.

The benefits in the formulation of DEFCON1 will have a major impact on what any athlete will experience in their workout. This is a simple pre-workout supplement that really does have amazing results that are easy to see.

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