Advantages of Having Premium Air Conditioning Services Completed Prior to Summer

Air conditioning units in a home require regular maintenance to keep them running at their best. Often the best time to have this type of maintenance done on a home’s unit is in the early spring of the year before the hot weather begins. By contacting a service that offers Premium Air Conditioning Services early in the season, a homeowner can often have their unit serviced quickly and feel confident they are prepared for the hot months of summer.

A technician usually will begin servicing an air cooling system by inspecting the thermostat. The thermostat plays a key role in maintaining the temperature of the home. Making sure the device is properly calibrated is important to ensure it is working correctly. Generally, the technician will perform a test on the thermostat’s reading by checking the temperature near the device with a digital infrared thermostat tool. The temperature on this device and the thermostat should match or adjustments to the thermostat should be made.

Most Premium Air Conditioning Services will also include a thorough cleaning of the blower on the system. This generally includes vacuuming the unit inside and out. Grilles and vents should be cleaned with a brush, and the air filter is replaced. The technician will then be able to inspect the components on the unit to ensure they are not damaged.

One of the main components the technician will examine is the motor. The wiring and connections on the motor need to be checked to verify they are secure and without damage. If there are any issues, the technician will need to replace or repair the problems. If the motor has an oil port, oil will be added. This is important since oil keeps the bearings in the motor from freezing and the unit burning out. The fan and fan belt will also be inspected for damage. If any issues are present, these units will be replaced.

The coils and fins on the condenser and compressor unit will need to be cleaned. This unit is generally outside of the home, and the coils can be cleaned with water. The fins require brushing with a dry brush. Keeping these elements clean allows the air to circulate freely through the unit.

Keeping a home’s air cooling system in good repair is important, especially prior to the start of summer. For more information, please visit website

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